Song Vessels

In my work with musicians, I have collaborated most recently with Tomas Liska Bass and Invisible World, creating a video made in response to a track, Another Thing to Think About, on their beautiful album Hope, released in 2020. The video takes the viewer on an intimate journey through a handmade book, traveling deeply into leaves of memory to evoke absent family, place and time, in a visual ‘echoing’ the music.


And also, with Naomi Harvey and The Vessel Project, in the form of a unique, innovative coming together of four creative minds to explore the inner life of a song and to a search for new ways in which it might be expressed. Led by the song itself through the singing of Naomi Harvey, the accompaniment took shape through layered soundscapes created by multi-instrumentalist Ewan MacPherson and percussionist Magnus Lundmark, while I crafted intricately mysterious ‘song vessels’, a visual response to the imagery and emotion of the songs.


Imagery and story take shape and shift from one singing to the next, carried from mind to ear and on to the next time of singing. The past is brought into the present in song, this intangible vessel, journeying forward on a stream of music and memories, to take life into consciousness of the next singer. As a singer sings, the song unfolds…”

– Naomi Harvey