A Making a ‘Poem-House’ Workshop

Come on a unique journey, into a place where art and poetry meet

This workshop can be adapted to suit the individual needs of you or your organisation.

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About The Workshop

This is an art-making exercise in which participants make a small maquette for ‘real’ space, through the vehicle of the text of a poem, beginning by ‘feeling around’ inside a poem – noticing it’s textures, colours and moods and how these may change as the journey through it unfolds, by being read aloud. After constructing a 3D armature – a simple book form – participants go on to craft three-dimensional collages, onto which are attached, into which become embedded and from which are suspended words from the poem, selected for their materiality. The resulting 3D forms become ‘Poem-Houses’ as they are placed in different relationships in space, giving us an individual sense of the plasticity of our unique creative process.

The materials – inspired by the words of the poem which themselves become materials – and processes used reflect the unique and delicate nature that drafting plays in our creative process, making this a very genuine voyage of personal discovery…

I have travelled far and wide delivering this workshop, in terms of location – to Groningen, in the Netherlands and Los Angeles, USA – as well as in the many ways that it has developed into a beautiful tool for self-discovery – for participants as well as for myself.