Through my complimentary practices as an artist and illustrator, for many years I developed themes and techniques that informed and enriched both, as the scope of my work gradually expanded to encompass three-dimensional constructions and ‘Poem-Houses’, large-scale paintings, collages and Artists’ Books. My back-catalogue of commissions features work made for commercial clients, ranging from publishers and law firms to shipping companies, such as Cunard, for QM2, as well as the design of both the inaugural (in 2006) and two subsequent awards for the BBC National Short Story Prize. My publications (see Publications gallery) have included illuminated box-constructions used to illustrate ‘Room to Rhyme’ by the Irish poet and Nobel Laureate, Seamus Heaney and books resulting from creative collaborations with writers and poets, including Kathleen Jamie, Kirsty Gunn,Jim Carruth and Larry Butler and also with Jewellery & Metalwork Designer, Teena Ramsay.